Welcome to Holistic Healing

This page is for creative expression and discussion of the scientific, political, social, environmental, philosophical and spiritual context of osteopathy. You will not find anything for sale here but you will find some free food for thought.

It is mainly for osteopaths’ interest. However, patients and potential patients are welcome to browse also, as an educated patient is one who knows how to get the most benefit from his or her therapy, knows how to access the resources he needs, and knows who to consult and what questions to ask. Whilst Osteopathic practice is strictly regulated in much of the world, osteopathy is a philosophy, and so, like health, It is democratic: it belongs to everybody. Do not let anybody tell you that your health does not belong to you.

Unfortunately I am not able to give specific health advice of any kind here. If you are looking for osteopathic advice and treatment then please check the local register of osteopaths in your country. I would suggest all prospective patients to go on a personal recommendation. Ask around friends, family and colleagues who they have been to for this and that. Then please contact the practitioners they name and ask them questions: find out what their take is on your particular problem and what would be their strategy to help. Freedom of informed choice in healthcare is vital, and so you need to be sure your practitioner is somebody who accords with your own world view.

Osteopathy is a very broad discipline, and its scope of practice is not defined by a strict list of conditions. It is more about the particular obstacles to health of the individual patient, and the ability of the practitioner and the patient working together to address those obstacles. But here is a list of the sorts of broad areas people ask their osteopath about every day:

  • Acute aches, pains and strains
  • Chronic and persistent health problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Preventive health care and maintenance
  • Vague and confusing symptoms
  • Peak performance
  • Occupational health
  • Medical mysteries

Lastly, osteopathic treatment does not heal anybody of anything: healing is what your body does!

Good health!