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This page is for discussion of the scientific, political, social, environmental, philosophical and spiritual context of natural healing. You will not find anything for sale here but you will find some free food for thought.

There is no particular agenda except to record ideas and thoughts as they arise. Some of what you read here may not be obviously relevant to healing. Some of it may be unsettling or controversial, because there is significant tension between the modern allopathic (so-called ‘scientific’) medicine we have all been taught is the leading light, and other forms of healing. A century ago, before the deliberate exclusion of non-pharmacological therapies from the mainstream, it was all just ‘medicine’, and it came in many different forms.

The dominance of pharmacy-based medicine is not due to better science and superior effectiveness, as many people think. It is the result of the pharmaceutical industry’s considerable dominance in business. And this is what makes healthcare so political. We do not have freedom, choice and candour in healthcare, and haven’t since 1910.

During my journey into natural healing, I undertook a formal training is in osteopathy, but strict titles are not helpful, because they can be loaded with preconceptions. I did not become an osteopath because I thought it would give me a neat set of tricks, but because I am interested in helping people and it was a good place to start.

It is essential to realise that effectiveness of therapy is not found in the choice of technique, but in the thinking process that guides it. What makes a fine piece of furniture is not the set of tools but the experience and vision of the craftsman. And the principles of osteopathy have much in common with other therapies. It is those principles that provide the road map for any healing journey, and the methods are of less overall importance. The techniques may change a lot over time, and so may our understanding of biological science, but the ancient principles of healing do not. They always worked and therefore they always will: the challenge is finding ways to apply them in each unique situation. And it is the translation of principles into practice where therapists, including doctors, are most likely to fail. Many practitioners talk good holism, but when you look under the hood that isn’t what they are delivering.

In turn, medical science is a tool: it is science devoted to the theory and philosophy of medicine. And as such it is far from being the only valid, rational, scientific way to interpret and manipulate the natural world.

That said, osteopathy is nothing if not practical. And so if a practitioner does not consider the way mechanical adjustment influences organic health, then I won’t personally refer a patient to them as an osteopath. And if they ONLY consider the specific adjustment of individual elements in isolation, without emphasising the bigger picture, then I will also not refer to them as an osteopath. And if they believe they are curing conditions, instead of recognising that cure is something only the living body can do for itself, and that the only solution to disease is health, then I will not refer to them as an osteopath.

Holism does not mean doing lots of things to all the damaged and dysfunctional bits of an unhealthy patient, and thereby making them healthy. It means doing the whole thing, raising health, and letting the ‘bits’ take care of themselves.

Exploration is what this site is about. Without exploration there will be no discovery, and it is important we can share ideas openly and not be crucified for them. So I make no apologies if what I say turns out to be wrong in due course. If being correct were an absolute requirement, then no medical textbook should ever be published, because in a few years they all go ‘out of date’. In other words, they become wrong. And if they are wrong now they were wrong when first written.

Hence none of my ideas, observations or suggestions come with a claim of watertight accuracy or fitness for purpose, unless explicitly mentioned. For specific advice you will need to look elsewhere, or ask me in my professional capacity.

Good health!


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