“How many treatments will I need?” is the question most commonly asked by patients.

Many people experience rapid improvement after a single treatment. And for others recovery is a long journey. Each case is different, and so the answer depends on two things:

1) how chronic the problem has become, and
2) the obstacles to recovery

‘Chronic’ is to do with the duration or persistence of the problem. The essential point here is adaptation: the longer a situation persists, the more we will adapt to it. So if a problem has been brewing for several months or years, you can expect it to take time to completely resolve. If it is a recent problem with an obvious cause and no tissue damage then you can expect fairly rapid results.

An ‘obstacle to recovery’ is anything that limits your ability to change. The main obstacle that osteopaths deal with in therapy is mechanical stress in the posture. And this is treated with body adjustment (manual therapy).

But many obstacles are self-imposed, and therefore beyond my control as a practitioner. For the best recovery you need to do your bit regarding rest, exercise, nutrition, hydration and lifestyle. Hence advising in these areas is also a large and important part of therapy.

One thing that does not seem to matter directly is the ‘severity’ of symptoms. For example even severe pain can diminish rapidly once the cause is addressed.

So having answered that question, I would then ask back ‘are you ready for change’?

If you are not sure, then the best thing is to book in for a single session and find out what osteopathy can do for you. Alternatively, phone, email or FB message for a chat. Or, if you are in town then drop in for a free case discussion and assessment.

Remember: all osteopaths are different. So even if prior therapy hasn’t helped, we may still be able to find new ways forward.

Note: however big or small the problem, you may find that symptomatic relief begins quite early in the process, but you may also experience temporary worsening in the early stages. The reasons for this are complex and I am happy to explain them.

I look forward to helping you out of pain and on the way to better health!