Surviving Healthcare – Letters from India

Healthcare has come to mean large and highly structured institutions, with ideas and agendas of their own. Before you get sick and need them, it is vital to understand the basic nature of institutions and administrative systems. It can save your life. (Opinion)

Would you believe that your health is not the highest priority of a hospital? In fact, making money isn’t either, even in the private sector. The highest priority of institutions is maintaining their own existence. And the priority of the people within them is to keep their own jobs. Anything that challenges that (our individual needs and quirks as patients, for instance) can meet a surprising level of resistance. The needs of the system will often conflict with the needs of the patient. And when that happens, any strong institution will tend to prevail. It takes constant effort to keep the system working for us.

Britain’s National Health Service has achieved Holy Cow status in the UK. And it seems the bigger it gets, and the more problems it acquires, the harder it becomes to criticise it. Kind, caring, dedicated, well-meaning, highly qualified staff abound, but they do have to function within the established norms of a system that will easily crush them if they don’t fit in. It is a brave doctor or nurse who does things differently just because the patient needs it. Speaking out about problems can cost them very dearly.

In this video I have tried to explain how large institutions in ‘The Administration Age’, by their very nature, are an actual threat to the health of the unwary patient, and what we can do about it. It is too easy to become just another commodity to be processed by a machine that values its smooth functioning above the function it is there to perform. When we ‘hand ourselves over’ to healthcare, we must always remember we are the reason for the hospital’s existence: we are the reason for all those jobs. We must insist that the system keeps working for us, and doesn’t use us as fodder for its own survival – especially in so-called ‘free’ healthcare.

The meaning of the title ‘Letters from India’ is explained in the first few minutes.

Sorry about the quality of the sound and video. My poor old camera is showing its age. I will continue to post while I save up for better equipment.

Disclaimer: the above is absolutely health advice. Institutions, administrators, and those who blindly follow rules and norms, can seriously damage your health. I cannot accept any responsibility for your failure to act on this information.