What if…?

It’s time for a little thought experiment.

What if the biggest challenge to our health were no longer the germs we used to fear but the myriad toxins to which we are continually exposed?

What if washing up detergent could be absorbed through the skin? And what if, once there, it could disturb our hormone levels?

And what if the makers of detergent had told billions of customers worldwide that it is actually beneficial to their skin, and therefore perfectly safe to use without gloves?

What if the most polluted air we breathe were in fact in our own homes, from cleaning products, appliances, building materials, paints, carpets and furnishings?

Excerpt from the safety sheet for a commercial air freshener

And what if all the soaps, shampoos, deodorants and other ‘personal care’ products we use were in fact also toxic?

Leaking washroom air ‘freshener’ strips paint

What if many of the foods in our shops – containing chemical substances that didn’t even exist a few generations ago – actually couldn’t be trusted to be safe and healthy?  And what if that were most of what is on sale?

What if weedkillers like Roundup really did turn out to be harmful to human health when swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin? Or sprayed onto our food?

What if big biotech corporations were not in fact feeding the world, but were instead poisoning the biosphere, causing food shortages for the world’s poorest, and risking the natural balance on which life on earth depends?

What if the new, safer plastics used for food and drink were actually just as unsafe as the old ones?

What if Wifi, mobile phone signals and airport body scanners really weren’t safe at all?

What if it turned out that sunshine, salt and saturated fat were in fact necessities of life, the lack of which causes serious diseases? And what if the petrochemicals in sunscreen actually caused skin cancer?

What if the majority of scientists who urge us that man-made climate change is our most pressing problem, turns out to be a small minority who get funding and recognition by delivering politically convenient conclusions?

And what if so much money had been invested in Climate Change that whole industries would collapse and many people would lose their jobs should it turn out we got this wrong?

And what if global warming were taking precious attention, funding and political will away from other pressing environmental problems, like plastics pollution, heavy metals and agrochemicals?

What if fluoridation of water and dental products really were detrimental to general health and lowered peoples IQs?

What if our medications were very effective at modifying peoples symptoms, but were actually making them sicker overall? And what if the risks and side-effects of drugs were in fact so common that everybody thought they were just normal signs of illness and ageing, so that even medical staff didn’t notice them?

What if hospitals were causing deaths as fast as saving lives?
Link to article: Death Rate Plummets When Doctors Go On Strike!

And what if keeping us sick really were more profitable for the drug companies and other medical industries than keeping us well?

What if all the countless billions spent researching cures were not being used to find effective treatments but profitable ones?

And what if, in fact, after all that money spent and that huge effort, so few actual cures had been delivered that seriously ill patients were now clamouring for the right to physician assisted suicide as their only hope of release?

What if corporations really didn’t care for the well-being of their customers, unless that were to have a direct and measurable effect on their bottom line?

What if science were so heavily affected by all the vested interests controlling funding and narratives, that it couldn’t be relied upon to uncover the truth? And what if there were a huge amount of in-built bias towards the status quo in the publishing and peer-review processes?

And what if government scientists were in fact not perfectly rational beings, but, like the rest of us, relied a lot on judgment, educated guesses and personal opinions, and frequently made errors that could deeply affect the lives of millions of people?

And what if regulators and government departments were in fact so mired in bureaucracy and so cumbersome and unimaginative that they were institutionally incapable of serving to protect the public effectively?

And what if governments really didn’t have our interests at heart, and that the main purpose of government is simply to continue governing?

What if the media were so controlled by their corporate sponsors that it is virtually impossible to rely on what we see in the news, in the journals, or on the internet, however convincing and authoritative it may be?

And what if putting these things right were impossible because those in charge would have to acknowledge the harm caused by their failures in the past?

What if just some of this were true?

What sort of world would we live in then?